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Separation & Purification are the topics of great interest worldwide.

Separation and purification are the indispensible parts of downstream operation in chemical and allied process industries. Some kind of separation process is necessary almost in every stage from purification of raw materials to product separation and treatment of effluent streams. Past few decades have witnessed spectacular developments in several new areas such as materials, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and alternative fuels. However, these developments are accompanied by challenging separation problems often beyond the scope of the traditional mass transfer operations. Improving selectivity of separation by using better separating agents (for example, better solvents), concentration of high value products from dilute solutions, improving efficiency and reducing equipment size, reducing energy requirements are a few of these challenges. In addition, growing concern for environment and rising energy costs are the two major factors having significant influence on reshaping separation processes. On a broader perspective, the two important present –day criteria of evaluation a process, new or conventional, are whether it is ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’. Alongside development and adoption of green technologies, has come up the idea of ‘green separation processes’. With the developments in membrane science and technology, nanomaterials, supercritical fluid extraction, tailored adsorbents, and newer approaches in mathematical modeling, new directions are opening in the experimental studies as well as process development and simulation, equipment design and fabrication and materials preparation and modification used in separation processes.